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Throw in their neighbors Marble and Chama River, and you have one of America's truly underrated beer scenes in Albuquerque, though don't sleep on Santa Fe Brewing Company either. Because you can't drink beer when you're sleeping. A discussion of Georgia beer used to pretty much come down to a debate about SweetWater vs.

Terrapin, and to be sure, they're still very much in the conversation among the top suds to be scored in the Peach State Terrapin's sale to the big boys notwithstanding. But the conversation is more crowded -- Creature Comforts, in particular, has earned legions of well-deserved fans in just a few short years thanks to brews like their incredibly juicy Tropicalia IPA, while Scofflaw and Southern Sky are a couple of even newer brewerie s creating buzz on several levels.

The bad news? Natty Boh is no longer brewed there. The good news? SO much other outstanding beer is, starting with the consistently excellent and experimental work from Stillwater Artisan Ales, which continues to prove that people will take you more seriously as a brewery if your name says "artisan ales. Throw in Heavy Seas, DuClaw, and Union Craft and you can have yourself one hell of a good time in Baltimore, though you should still sneak in a Natty Boh at some point just for nostalgia's sake… and maybe head out to Berlin for a taste of Burley Oak.

We hear the scenery is also nice. Is Alaska perhaps the last frontier for great beer? But it might be the next, most unexpected one.

And when that happens, places like Midnight Sun and the collaboration-happy Anchorage emerge as masters of that craft. But there are dozens and dozens of amazing breweries throwing down on Alaska, though not dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens, as that would mean more breweries than people.

Still, one of the least-populous states is one of the best places for beer tourism. These days, the yellow snow could well be spilled beer. We've occasionally ruffled the feathers of some Hoosier residents who we all assume are wearing bright red Bobby Knight sweaters and destroying chairs as they type their missives for touting breweries like Three Floyds and 18th Street, which, while very much in Indiana, are also part of the Chicago metropolitan area.

And, look, Three Floyds in particular is still unquestionably the state's finest brewery, but that's not to take anything away from the rest of the state. Upland's sours can hold their own with anyone's, and Sun King represents the old guard in Indianapolis, which is emerging as a destination beer town in its own right.

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Twin Cities represent! Everywhere else, represent harder! We kid, we kid. Where once most of the conversation revolved around Surly, now the conversation revolves around Minnesota's great!

But Texas continues to grow from within, always finding new and amazing things to pair with BBQ and honky-tonk. But nowadays great beer is everywhere, with Lone Pint bringing the IPA thunder, Dallas representing with the likes of Community, and Real Ale Brewing transforming rural Blanco into a destination for sour lovers. Over the past decade, Cleveland has made a serious play for inclusion among America's top beer cities, transforming a great town with a great brewery called Great Lakes into one of the most formidable beer towns in the country, becoming something of a Third Coast Portland thanks to joints like Market Garden, Masthead, and tons more.

The Crusher. Beer in Pennsylvania has come a long way since Yuengling got into the game in , but having America's oldest continuously operating brewery in your state ought to count for something. That said, Pennsylvania's non-historical beers stand out just fine on their own, with older outfits like Victory, VooDoo, and Troegs still excelling and newer spots like Tired Hands and the superlative Brew Gentlemen continually elevating their profile.

There's a lot you need to be drinking, basically. If only someone had a giant sandwich filled with French fries or steak or something to pair with them…. It's kind of odd that a snow-starved state like Florida excels so thoroughly at putting out dark, viscous beers that almost scream "drink me in front of a fireplace during a blizzard," but such is the case with places like Cigar City, Cycle, Angry Chair, and the recently acquired Funky Buddha. But hey, Hunaphu's is the kind of beer you're stoked to have in front of you regardless of the weather -- and it's not like the aforementioned breweries don't bring it when it comes to the thirst-quenching stuff, too.

Speaking of thirst quenching, Miami Madness from J. Wakefield is a fantastic choice on the kind of sweltering Miami day that might drive a person to, well, madness. Budweiser completely transformed the American beer culture and delivery , and it deserves recognition and respect for that.

The Shape of Barley

The craft world has genuine heroes in the form of Boulevard and Schlafly, while Perennial Artisan has honed its small-batch, Euro-inspired fare to such fanfare that it inspired the even smaller, crazier offshoot-turned-indie brewer Side Project. Meanwhile, Alpha has thrown down the sour gauntlet. Together, these brewers have taken a mass-produced legacy and built around it a genuinely great craft scene, making an already boozy state boozier… which might explain their affinity for Provel, actually.

Anyone who has ever bothered to watch the opening credits to Laverne and Shirley knows that brewing is in Wisconsin's DNA, and while the Badger State's undeniable contribution to the canon of American lawnmower beers deserves respect, there's so much more to be excited about. New Glarus unquestionably retains some of its cachet due to its steadfast, occasionally maddening refusal to distribute beyond Wisconsin's borders, but the bulk of it comes from their ability to do everything so consistently well, especially their fruit-forward beers.

You can kind of take the comments about Virginia, replace "Devil's Backbone" with "Wicked Weed," and basically go from there, except the key difference is that North Carolina's game is just consistently crushing it.

50. Mississippi

Heist, Green Man, Olde Hickory, Ponysaurus, Burial -- Asheville might still be the state's beer capital -- and some would officially agree with its Beer City USA title -- but there's fine hop artistry being performed statewide. It's also worth mentioning that a bottle of barrel-aged Sexual Chocolate from Foothills pairs really well with repeated viewings of Coming to America.

If all Maine had going for it was Maine Beer Co. But there's so much more!

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Allagash has been so good for so long that it sometimes gets a bit taken for granted. Oxbow is dynamite with saisons.

How to make great tasting beer at home.

Foundation has only been at it a couple of years and is already turning heads. We're going to stop there and lose ourselves in a daydream about moving to Portland and subsisting entirely on a diet of lobster rolls and hazy IPAs.

Learn to Brew Beer

You should, too. But despite all the imitators, Hall embraces his legacy. For many drinkers in the s, that imagery of spilled beer was their first occasion to consider the idea of craft brewing, then warmly referred to as microbrewing. Quitting a stable job to brew this beer has changed my life. Last year, Statista ranked it as the 19th best-selling beer in the U.

We started out with a strong vision for what we wanted pale ale to be, flavor-wise, and stuck to the highest standards without ever compromising on bitterness or hop flavor. I think that even after 35 years, our clear focus still shines through in the beer. Times Food; Founder, Beer of Tomorrow. Pin ellipsis More. With more than 5, breweries, some of which produce dozens of different beers every year, America is home to the largest and most diverse beer culture in the world. To help better appreciate the history of American craft beer, we reached out to 21 experts from across the American beer scene, including legendary brewers like Ken Grossman and Jim Koch, industry representatives like Julia Herz, and veteran writers like Aaron Goldfarb and Joshua Bernstein.

Voters were limited to two beers from any one brewery and encouraged to diversify their choices across years, states and styles. The final order was determined strictly by the votes received, with the exception of any ties, at which point we used our editorial judgment to determine ranking. The final list, like any list of this type, is sure to spur debate.

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There are times when you reach for that bottle or can, or get handed a foaming glass at the bar, and wonder what it would be like to be involved in the beermaking process. Or maybe you are a homebrewer wondering what it would be like to scale up or create something to be sold to other lovers of craft beer.

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