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Ignatius of Antioch and the Arian Controversy

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About Ignatius of Antioch. Ignatius of Antioch. He was reputedly a student of John the Apostle. En route to Rome, where he met his martyrdom by being fed to wild beasts, he wrote a series of letters which have been preserved as an example of very early Christian theology. Ignatius is intended to set before English readers, in an accessible form, the writings of one of the most important characters in the Church history of the period succeeding the age of the Apostles.

In these epistles we have the key to the right understanding of the character of the Church at the beginning of the second century. Volume one contains an in-depth introduction on the literary controversy that surrounds the Ignatian epistles, as well as information on the genuineness and date of the epistles and chapters on St.

Ignatius as martyr and St. Ignatius as teacher. It then contains the English translations of the epistles to the Ephesians, the Magnesians, and to the Trallians.

06 - Epistle of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans

Srawley — was tutor and theological lecturer at Selwyn College and examining chaplain to the Bishop of Litchfield. He is also the author of The Early history of the Liturgy.

This translation of the one extant Letter of St. Polycarp, and of the Letter of the Smyrnaeans narrating his martyrdom, is designed to put within the reach of English readers in a handy form two of the most valuable of the classics of the Church. Blomfield Jackson provides an in-depth introduction to the genuineness and dating of the epistles and provides a short introduction to the life of St. Blomfield Jackson — was vicar of St. Basil: Letters and Select Works.

Hall presents a survey of second century religious thought. His study of second century religious thought is divided into the following chapters:. Edward H. Hall — was pastor of the First Parish Cambridge, Massachusetts. These lectures by F. Hort were delivered to the Clergy Training School at Cambridge in Hort — was an Irish scholar and theologian. It also contains several articles by eminent scholars on is background and contents. All of these articles originally appeared in the Journal of Christian Philosophy , and editor J.

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Paine has compiled them together to provide a penetrating look at The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. Rendell Harris discusses the genuineness, priority, sources, and value of the Didache. Isaac H. Hall discusses the phraseology of The Teaching as an index of its age. And Elijah R. Craven provides invaluable comments and notes on The Teaching. Paine was an author and editor.

Heron provides an English translation of The Teaching with helpful notes, then explores how and when the Didache was discovered, the design and character of the work, the age of the Didache, and more. The second half of this volume examines various church questions illustrated by the Didache, such as the New Testament canon, family and social life of the early church, baptism, the Eucharist, the Sabbath, and more. Heron then mines the Didache for examples of early church organization and considers the various offices and roles of the itinerant and local ministries.

The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, or the Didache, is a brief work, not longer than the Epistle to the Galatians; but its suggestiveness is great and varied. Allen presents an English translation with notes and illustrations which show its relation to the New Testament and the beliefs and practices of the Early Christian Church. The first four centuries of the Christian era are covered in this history of the early church.

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Orignally a set of lectures delivered to various colleges and seminaries, George Hodges revised them for publication. The 10 lectures include:. This volume contains the Syriac Version of the Clementine Epistles. Along with the Syriac text, R. Bensly provides helpful notes on both epistles. Robert L. The so-called Teaching of the Twelve Apostles is a long-lost ancient Church manual, which on its discovery was assigned to the second century, but which many how hold, not without good reason, to be a genuine relic of the first.

It contains a scheme of moral precepts under the head of the Two Ways of life and death, followed by ordinances relating to the sacraments and the ministry of the church, and these by a striking section on the last things. That it should include no statement or exposition of dogma is in keeping with its supposed early date; such matters being precisely those which would continue longest to be handed down solely by word of mouth.

This volume contains C. The Shepherd of Hermas is an incompletely worked mine of allusions to the Gospels and other writings.


It has been undervalued because it has not been understood. Its author, who has a sufficiency of sacred and secular lore at command, never cites by name, except once from the now lost Eldad and Modat , but weaves his materials artfully together into a fabric which must be unraveled with some care before it can be seen of what elements it is composed. Charles Taylor divides his study into three parts:. Roswell D. Hitchcock and Francis Brown have provided both the Greek text and the English translation of The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, along with critical notes.

The in-depth introduction to the texts compares The Teaching with other early Christian documents and discusses the controversies surrounding its dating, the various sources for the manuscripts, its purpose and scope, the doctrine contained therein, and much more. Philip Schaff then provides a full bibliography of Didache literature. He was a professor of church history at Union Theological Seminary, which he served as president from to Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5. Clement of Rome , St. Ignatius , and St.

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Polycarp , and expounding upon the epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas. In , he formed the Christian Social Union. Volume one contains the following chapters:. Charles Thomas Cruttwell — was educated at St.

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Volume two contains the following chapters:. Format: Digital. Publishers: Macmillan and Co. Configure payment plan in cart.


Add to Cart. Overview The Classic Studies on the Apostolic Fathers collection presents many of the defining late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century studies on some of the earliest Christian writers and their works. Key Features In-depth studies on the Apostolic Fathers Notable authors from a variety of backgrounds Completely searchable content linked to your favorite Bible translation and your other books. The Apostolic Fathers, part 1, vol. Clement of Rome Author: J. Lightfoot Publisher: Macmillan and Co.

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