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Fractured Rebellion

Reviews 0. Walder argues that their actions and motives were just as much shaped by the events of the day as by their prior social positions. Their interactions with students did not produce the kind of intense confrontations found in colleges. On their part, militant high-school students were not engaged in intracampus rivalry like their university counterparts. They were more intent on taking their revolution off campus and onto the streets.

They formed organizations such as the Western District Picket Corps and clashed with university rebels who were taking their activism off campus though for different purposes. As a result, high-school rebels became alienated from the CCRG, which sponsored the university rebels. They launched poster attacks against the CCRG and its members, including Jiang Qing, but were quickly crushed because their posters expressed daring political dissent, challenging the very rationale of the Cultural Revolution.

This conclusion casts the Cultural Revolution in a new light. Because of its emphasis on context, process and historical contingency in the shaping of human motivation, it opens a wide new door to the study of the Cultural Revolution. He relies almost exclusively on historical documents rather than interviews or memoirs.

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The reconstruction of historical events and factional alliances in 27 universities in Beijing is a marvelous feat in and of itself. This book marks a new milestone in the study of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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The Beijing Red Guard Movement

Interpreting the Cultural Revolution Politically. By Alexander F Day.

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