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In April the new prime minister , George Canning , revived for him the office of lord high admiral , but he was forced to resign in August , when the duke of Wellington was premier. After succeeding George IV as king, William proved to be less brilliant but also less selfish and more attentive to official business than his brother had been. In May the prime minister, Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey , asked the king to create at least 50 new peers to overcome the House of Lords majority hostile to parliamentary reform.

The Lords, sufficiently threatened, allowed the bill to pass. William IV. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Facts Matter.

Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. For this reason, …. Following the Acts, we have all the Epistles, which give a full definition of this wonderful, universal, great Man. Christ is the Head, and the church is the Body: this is the universal Man, Christ and the church.

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Finally, we have the book of Revelation as the consummation of the New Testament. This book gives us a full picture of the Body-Christ, the individual Christ incorporated with all His members to become the New Jerusalem. Let us return to the four Gospels. The human concept is the exact opposite of the divine. The divine concept starts with Matthew and proceeds through John; the human thought starts with John and goes back to Matthew. Many of us would begin reading the New Testament with John because John is so wonderful.

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It is a book of life. After John, we would read Luke because Luke is a book of the Savior, telling us of many cases of salvation. Then, of course, we would come to Mark because Mark is short and simple. People read Matthew last because Matthew is too difficult, too mysterious.

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  • Not only is chapter one difficult to understand; the parables in chapter thirteen and the prophecies in chapters twenty-four and twenty-five are also difficult. Chapters five, six, and seven, the Sermon on the Mount, are especially difficult.

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    No one can practice it! You strike me on the right cheek, and I turn to you the left.

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    You force me to walk one mile, and I walk two miles. You take my outer garment, and I give you my inner garment. This is too much! Only Jesus can do it! Thus, many place Matthew last. John is dear and precious. In John, Jesus is everything, and we do not need to do anything. Hence, we like John, but not Matthew. We may not say this in plain words, but we have such a feeling in our heart.

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    Nevertheless, the divine order is best.