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Communication devices may be used by coaches and nonplayers as in PlayPic A.

It is illegal to use those devices to communicate with players inside the 9-yard marks, as in PlayPic B. Runners helmet comes off as part of subsequent deadball action; officials time-out. Player must leave for one down if the helmet came completely off without being directly attributable to a foul by the opponent. If a player whose helmet comes completely off during a down continues to participate beyond the immediate action in which the player is engaged, it is a foul for illegal participation.

It is a personal foul if a player or nonplayer initiates contact with an opposing player whose helmet has come completely off. No member of the kicking team shall initiate contact to block an opponent until the legal kick has traveled 10 yards; or the kicking team is eligible to recover a free-kicked ball. The signal for illegal blocks is seen in the inset.

Eastern Standard Time. Baca Gratis Selama 30 Hari. Tandai sebagai konten tidak pantas. Judul terkait. Karusel Sebelumnya Karusel Berikutnya. Lompat ke Halaman. Cari di dalam dokumen. Get Set For Life. Game Officials Authority Rule Game officials have authority if a state association has a policy that game officials authority begins more than 30 minutes before the game.

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Table 2. Added a new state association adoption dealing with game officials authority. Resolving Tied Games Added head before linesman. Resolving Tied Games Clarification from a rules change. Nine-, Eight- and Six-Player Rules Differences Standardized the General Rules Language and also updated the rules on free-kick formations based on the rules changes. Official Football Signals - 24 This official signal will now also be used for Targeting.

David Fucillo. Tanya Moore. Washington Soto. Marc Morehouse.

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Chris Wright. Lainnya Dari joeyj Geanoo Chong. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Referee Editors. Mary E. Struckhoff Editor. Ross Bray Illustrator. It is designed to make officiating easier through the uniformity of interpretations and rulings, and standardization of mechanics for game administration. Whenever possible, the illustrations are presented to cover the "Points of Emphasis" identified by the NFHS Basketball Rules Committee as well as any changes or clarifications directed by the committee.

Term False start. Term Less than seven players on A's line Numbering violation. Term Illegal shift no movement for at least one second before snap. Term Illegal motion. Term Illegal forward pass by A or 2nd pass during down. Term Intentional grounding. Term Ineligible receiver illegally downfield.

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Term Incidental grasping of an opponents fask mask. Term Holding Runner grasping a teammate Illegal use of hands or arms Illegal blocking technique. Term Illegal block in the back. Term Unsportsmanlike conduct by player or nonplayer.

Term Kick-catching interference. Term Forward-pass interference by B. Term Illegal block below waist. Term Chop block. Term Grasping an opponent's face mask. Term Illegal helmet contact butt block, face tackle or spear. Term Horse-collar. Term Initiate contact with a helmet-less opponent. Term Roughing the passer. Term Roughing kicker or holder. Term Roughing the snapper.

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Term Illegal participation. Term Participating without a helmet beyond immediate action. Term Advancing ball after valid or invalid fair catch signal by any R player. Term Invalid fair-catch signal. Term Illegal fair-catch signal. Term Illegal formation player not between 9 yard marks before snap or lineman interlocked with non-snapper or back breaking waistline of nearest lineman. Term Illegally handing ball forward. Term Illegal touching. Term Sideline interference. Term Illegal block on free kicks. Term Illegally kicking or batting ball. Term Illegal block after valid or invalid fair-catch signal.

Term Forward-pass interference by A. Term Clipping. Term Illegal personal contact outside restricted area. Term Slap to the head.

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  4. Term Illegal personal contact in restricted area. Term Sideline interference third and subsequent. Term Failure to properly wear mandatory player equipment during a down.